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downloadCarpets and floor mats are a great contribution to one’s home. They contribute to interior decoration and to that comfy, homey feeling a house has. Taking care of the carpets is very important, if you want their beauty and function to last. Taking them for a cleaning periodically would be best. Of course, you should clean them and vacuum them at home regularly, but every so often they should be treated by a professional cleaning company which will leave the carpets looking like they did when you first bought them.

There are various benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. You should hire them systematically, maybe once a year, depending on the size and type of carpet. Here are some of the benefits you might notice:

Stain removal

No matter how many cleaning devices, products and brands you might have at home, you can never seem to get that stain off from your carpet. If this has happened to you, then you know there is no other way than to take your carpet to the professionals. They can get rid of any stain, new or old, no matter how tough, and leave no trace or residue of it. This is because they are experts with advanced tools that can reach through the fibers of carpets and floor mats.

Using Professional Tools

If you clean the carpet by yourself with the cleaning devices you have at home, you are in the risk of damaging the carpet, or at the very least not doing a good enough job. That is why professional cleaning services have both the tools and cleaning products that are especially designed to clean every single part of the carpet.

There are companies that do their cleaning services in your home. This way it is ensured that you see how your carpets are treated, whether they are mishandled or not. You also get to see the entire process of cleaning necessary for removing stains.

Keep Your Home Healthier and Cleaner

One of the key benefits to having your carpet professionally treated is keeping your home and living environment healthy and fresh. It has been confirmed that microbes can easily get stuck inside the carpets, and once they do they release spores. Inhaling those spores can cause serious infections and other lung related issues.

Allergens and pollutants can also appear and cause great problems if you don’t keep your carpets clean, polluting your home with dangerous particles. Professional services use chemicals that destroy these microbes, and also keep the threads of the carpet (1)

Removing Grimes

Regular vacuuming can only remove most of the dust particles that are in your carpet, but it is far from deep cleaning. Other issues that need to be taken care of are deep-seated dust and dirt particles, and grimes. These may not be on the top of your priority list, but they are nevertheless dangerous and unwanted in your home. That’s why a professional carpet cleaning service is your best choice. They will get rid of all the unwanted pests and stains, all the while maintaining the carpets quality, function and beauty.

It’s official! Singer Rihanna is dating football player Karin Benzema!

rihanna-and-karim-benzemaReportedly, Rihanna decided to introduce to her family her new boyfriend, a professional football player Karim Benzema. There was much speculation about the romance between the 27 years old Barbadian songstress and the 27 years old Real Madrid football player. The romance was probably initiated several weeks ago reported by AceShowbiz.

However, it seems that Rihanna is eager to get this relationship going. It seems that she is not into taking it slow, but rather takes it rather seriously, since it was claimed that she decided to introduce Karim to her immediate family members.

Not wasting any time, Rihanna decided that Karim should meet her closest and dearest to her heart as soon as possible. Karim was flown along with some of his teammates to Los Angeles by Rihanna. After that, she had her family join them, flying them from Barbados, and they all enjoyed the great gathering.

But the hangout didn’t end there, with just one night. Rumour has it that Rihanna’s relatives and the rest of the entourage stayed in Los Angeles for more than one night. Apparently, they booked rooms in luxurious LA hotel throughout the week, starting June 8. Supposedly, a full VIP treatment was indulged in, in West Hollywood at the Andaz Hotel, as well as the Mondrian Hotel. Both these hotels are down the street from each other.

No expenses were spared, as it seems that the football player wanted to impress the songstress. Karim did his best to treat Rihanna with lots of romantic gestures. One of the grand gestures included a bouquet of red roses that were bought from a street vendor.

One of the sources claimed that the company was having a great time. They were described as relaxed and having fun with each other and the rest of their family members and closest friends.

Earlier this month, the two were spotted for the first time, in New York City, hanging out. One of the sites they were seen is at Coppelia Cuban, a diner where they grabbed something to eat, in the early hours of the morning.

They were also spotted together at a Fetty Wap concert in Los Angeles which took place last week. According to the source, the two were seen together and they appeared to be cuddling with each other.

Rihanna is known for her high-profile relationships. In the past she has dated notable names such as Chris Brown, Drake, and Matt Kemp, a professional baseball player.images

Let’s be reminded that Rihanna dated Chris Brown from 2007 to 2013, on and off. They first broke up due to domestic violence report in 2009, but they got back together again a few times. After the final breakup rumours were that they were still dating.

The couple had a run in with the rapper on a night out at the Horray Henry’s nightclub, where she was with her new boyfriend Karim. However, Rihanna made sure it was clear who she was with and that her ex got the short end of the stick, since she was absolutely ravishing standing next to her new boyfriend.

Joe Weider

joe-weider-net-worth1The Forced Reps Principle:

The Weider Principle of forced reps engages reaching failure on a set and then having a spotter help you get some extra reps. In order to force them to grow that is a way of pushing your muscles further than brief failure.

The research says: Finland’s study suggests that for instigating muscle growth, forced reps can be effective. The researchers had sixteen weight-trained men perform a leg work out that consisted of 4 sets of leg presses, 2 sets of leg extensions and 2 sets of squats. In one trial they performed the workout using their twelve-rep max on every exercise and performed each set until reaching muscle failure. And in another trial they used a weight slightly heavier than their twelve-rep max so that they would reach collapse before the twelfth rep, at which point a spotter helped them do forced reps until they finished twelve reps.

In the International Sports Medicine Journal, the authors reported that when the person was using forced reps, and their growth hormone levels rose about 3 times higher than when they were training just to failure. Growth hormone levels are critical for instigating muscle growth, together with encouraging fat burning. Researchers from Ashton University backed this up in a study where trained football players using forced reps in their training for ten weeks lost drastically more body fat than those not using forced reps.

How to use it: Simply take a set to muscle failure to use forced reps, and then have a spotter help you perform two to three more reps and the assistance should just be enough to let you to do the majority of the work. You can use this on the last set of each exercise in your workout. When training alone by using the non-working limb to assist the working side you can use this technique on isolation exercises.

The Pre-Exhaustion Principle


This Pre-Exhaustion Training Principle supporters training isolation or single-joint exercises first in your workout, followed by multi-joint exercises.

When you perform the following multi-joint exercise the point of pre-exhaustion is to fatigue a target muscle group so that the target muscle is already fatigued and receives plenty overload without the set ending because of fatigue of other muscle groups.

When subjects pre-exhausted their quads with leg extensions in a 2003 Swedish study found that, they had less muscle activity in the quads during the leg press. Later, Brazilian researchers reported comparable results with the chest muscles when focuses pre-exhausted with the pec deck before the bench press. And these studies support the theory as shown by the lower muscle activity, that the pre-exhaust technique weakens the target muscle, it was able to produce during the multi-joint exercise. Check out Joe Weider home gym

But does this method cause greater muscle growth? The answer is yes, according to a 1997 study showing that subjects using the pre-exhaustion system gained considerably more muscle mass than people using the standard training procedure of doing first multi-joint exercises and isolation exercises last.

How to use it: In order to use this method for chest, you can start your workout by doing 3 sets of a chest separation exercise like the dumbbell fly, and then 3 sets of an additional chest isolation exercise as the cable crossover. And then you can follow with multi-joint exercises such as the incline dumbbell presses and bench press, each for 3 sets.




Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Destination Guide

image1.img.640.mediumIt is a very remarkable facility and the track layout is fun, so that is a great place. The race has a strong Ferrari flavor with Ferrari World just around the corner.

Abu Dhabi has lots to offer away from Yas Island. It is the wealthiest and largest of the 7 United Arab Emirates, with a basic oil supply that is not expected to run out until the twenty second century. Abu Dhabi has retained its local traditions and charms – unlike some of its neighbors in the Gulf, by making it an enjoyable and interesting stop-off.

Did you know?

The world’s richest city is Abu Dhabi. The average net worth of the 430,000 permanent citizens is US$18 million.


International Airport of Abu Dhabi has lately undergone a $7.5 billion U.S. dollars redevelopment. It has a lot of connections around the world and Etihad Airways – the title sponsor and national carrier of the Grand Prix – lately added its fiftieth international destination.

The airport lies adjacent to Yas Island, which makes the track easily accessible by taxi. It’s a thirty minute drive to Abu Dhabi city and while taxis are inexpensive, in the arrivals terminal – all the major hire car companies can be found. A 3rd option for getting around is a new and heavily subsidized bus service.

Useful tips

The weather conditions are not too extreme with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is near the end of the season. Midday temperatures of between twenty five to thirty degrees is probably, but the grandstands are all covered – a 1st for a circuit anywhere in the world – so shade is easy to come by.

Where to go?

There is something for everyone and Abu Dhabi has a very cosmopolitan feel. In order to suit all budgets, there’s an eclectic mix of international cuisine, starting at the Emirates Palace down to the cafe culture that prevails throughout the Middle You can head to the area close to the fish market in Abu Dhabi city East for traditional Abu Dhabi cuisine.

Also, there are a lot of other tourist attractions. You could head to the camel market in Al Ain or the Abu Dhabi falcon hospital if you want local culture.

And there is the aforesaid Ferrari Theme Park, covering 300,000 square meters and featuring a Tower which is G-Force, high-tech theatres, driving schools for children and adults and lots of cars on display.

There will be even more of an international flavor in Abu Dhabi from 2012, with the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the first Louvre museum outside

Where to stay?

Most of the Abu Dhabi F1 luminaries stay in the five-star Yas Viceroy hotel, which is just a short walk from the F1 paddock. And all the best hotel chains are in Abu Dhabi – and many of them on Yas Island. But there are cheaper options available in Abu Dhabi city for those looking for more modest surroundings.


White board walls

post-wbIn order to stimulate teamwork, office whiteboards are inexpensive solutions and also they provide organization in the building. But, this doesn’t mean that the thinking in spoken words can turn out to be the venting vocally space. You have to respect your co-workers since your work environment is certified and also a shared space, so you need to be careful about what you write. So, with that having in your mind, here are some things you shouldn’t use your White Board products for:

  1. Negative doodles
    You need to use caution with what you draw at work while studies have shown that doodling can boost concentration. Yes, having Write Board paper at your desk may attract you to draw something negative about your client when you are very frustrated. But, keep in mind that the paper is not meant to be a venting board.

You have to avoid doodling caricatures of your boss, images related to your personal life or inappropriate images of your not favorite client – because it does not mean you should draw palm trees everywhere just because you are excited for vacation.

So instead you could draw some positive and work-related images on your White Board paper or some notes.
When you are writing on whiteboards at work you should use your best judgment.

  1. Drawing at the wrong time and wrong place
    Maybe your co-workers may love your fun drawings of bears, but that does not mean you can tag all of your office whiteboards with them. You should think about your location and timing. Keep in mind that your boss certainly writes important information there for everyone to see if your office has a wall that is covered in whiteboard paint. And you need to know that your doodles do not belong there.

Also, do not cover the notes with pictures if you are in a meeting. You should be mindful of where and when you draw.

  1. Jabs
    If you’ have worked too long and you are the last one in the office, doodle some mean messages on your company’s dry-erase board could look like a good idea – and sticking it to the man would be so therapeutic. However, this is a good way to put yourself in trouble.

Remember, you need to save the venting for home no matter how frustrated, tired or ignored you feel. Even though you think your whiteboard notes are unidentified, still, they can cause damage.images

  1. Self-promotion
    Talking in the right context about hobbies with co-workers is okay. But, marketing your most recent craft project by writing it on your foam Write Board is not the best idea. So, do not try to sell your creations, brag about your team’s win by writing about it at work – because those things can happen in casual conversation.

With that being said, some offices are completely fine with employees selling their daughters’ or sons’ fundraising products – Girl Scout cookies, anybody? However, talk to your office manager before you post a big message on the whiteboard in order to see if you can spread the word about your sale.

You need to use your best judgment when you are writing on whiteboards at work. At all times you need to be professional and implement whiteboards as a way to be efficient and to help you focus – your co-workers will be grateful. The bottom line is that you should use dry-erase boards to do the things your office manager bought them for.


Using the power of social media to market your business


If you are looking for the best way to market your business, then online marketing is definitely a great way to make your business known to the masses. Using the power of social media to market your business is the easiest and cheapest way to start. Social media sites are currently the most-used websites with millions of users visiting these sites daily. This capacity provides an opportunity for a business to capture more market share. Therefore, social media proves to be a very important marketing tool that every business should use Utilizing the strength of social media can help you achieve your marketing objectives. Read this article to receive some solid advice that will guide you on how to utilize the power of social media to market your business.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are some of the most popular social media platforms that you can use to increase your business presence and to connect with their customers. These internet media platforms provide a fast and cost-effective means of reaching your targeted audience to generate sales and increase your profits. Furthermore they facilitate direct customer interaction which makes customer acquisition easier. One the best and most popular social media that you can start with  Facebook.

Facebook alone has more than 1.74 billion users which are almost half of the world’s population. Therefore, using Facebook makes the chances of gaining a larger customer base for your business much higher than before. In order to utilize Facebook to market your business, you need to create a professional business account or a business page. To find clues about this, check some of your competitors’ page and find out how much presence they have and what they did to acquire it Use their page to determine what works and what does not After creating the page makes sure the content is relevant, valuable and interesting to capture the attention of users to view your page and probably like it Provide something of substance for people to latch onto. The same thing goes for Twitter, if you choose to include it in your social media marketing plan.

The best way to be successful when using social media for marketing is to have an excellent and interesting content. Avoid pure promotional content since it will seem like spam and annoy potential customers. The content should be interesting, educational, and inspiring so that followers and new users will want to share it if they share your content, your business will be exposed to new followers who sum up as potential customers. These new followers may also share your content hence assisting you to build your social media presence.

Another great way to attract more followers and advertise your business is to offer incentives such as coupons, free samples or discounts to those who share your page with others. This will lure hundreds or thousands of people to share your content leading potential customers towards other products that are relevant. Ensure that you update your page regularly and consistently so that individuals desire to view your page often to keep up-to-date with your page content. Doing so ensures that you have loyal followers who are able to share your content whenever you post it

If you follow the information in this article, you will be able to catapult your business online and make it popular. Using the power of social media to market your business makes your marketing efforts and strategy much easier and effective. Don’t miss out on the many opportunities that social media provide. Take the first step to building your online presence and gain more exposure for your business to expand your customer base.



When it comes to video marketing the target audience is crucial to the success rate of the video. It is clear that videos have the ability to deliver a message and present a brand in a very unique and memorable way. With the current trends on the use of videos as an effective marketing tool it is imperative to focus on good videos that stand out and get the audience attention. The level of attention received from an audience determines to a large extent whether the video is memorable or not Let us now look at some of the things that are important when it comes to video marketing, the 5 tips on video marketing.

1. The video length is critical.

In most cases almost 20% of the viewers will click away in just 10 seconds, therefore it is important to grab the viewer’s attention before the 10 second mark. Beyond the 10 second mark expect to have more viewers go away. However it is very important to study the behavior of your target audience and then determine how you will focus your messaging. Being engaging from the beginning of the clip helps in attention capturing.

2. Video placement and distribution.

The current trends in video posting are shifting away from YouTube being the principal point of video posting. In the recent past videos are being posted on social medial like Facebook, previously video posts posts were made on YouTube and the links shared on Facebook. Having understood this we see that the trends and changing behaviors are a key consideration when it comes to deciding where your marketing video will be uploaded.

3. The video quality

In marketing quality can not be overlooked without compromising the effectiveness to the target audience. When videos are used as a marketing tool the quality must be well looked into One of the ways of ensuring that your video has good quality is to ensure that; the video either solves a problem or delivers new and useful information. Remember to make the video user friendly by ensuring the viewer can share the clip quite easily.

4. Use the video to collect contact information

Videos can be fun to use as a tool but you need to utilize them to the fullest if they are to drive business. Add email gates to the videos for the purposes of collecting contact information, this can easily be done by prompting subscription to the channel before the viewer gets access to the full-content. 5. Always strive to think like the casting editors When choosing the speaker in your video always bear in mind that they are your first impression with the audience. You may have an excellent concept but if the speaker is boring then you may find that the viewers click away very quickly. Hold a keen eye on the persona your speaker is presenting and the way they speak. In short ensure the persona gets the attention of the audience quite well