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Oracle Advertising

Ali Mir, an entrepreneur with a vision, is the guy who has taken Oracle Advertising Ltd to heights unforeseen.

An alumnus of  Kings School Macclesfield, Ali Mir had a successful stint leading business houses before he took the lead and launched his own company, Oracle Advertising. His intention has always been to provide better customer-centric service and at the same time cater to the needs of client companies too.

As the Managing Director of Oracle Advertising Ltd, Ali Mir shares his experience with aspiring marketing leaders working with him and guide them in the most efficient of manners. He also has made efforts to work his company as a consulting firm and helps companies get solutions whenever needed.

Ali Mir, one of the most enterprising of entrepreneurs, leads his company and his team to the most spectacular of successes and is on the look out for exciting opportunities to let  Oracle Advertising Ltd work wonders with direct marketing.